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Issues: Gender-Based Violence

Gender-Based Violence

Gender-based violence (GBV) is any act of violence directed at individuals or groups of individuals based on their gender.  GBV includes any act of violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual, or psychological harm or suffering to a person, including threats of such acts, coercion, or arbitrary deprivations of liberty.  Gender-based violence undermines not only human rights, but also threatens public health, economic stability, and security. In 2012 the United States released the Strategy to Prevent and Respond to Gender-based Violence Globally, advancing U.S. efforts to raise the status of women and girls around the world. 

Gender-Based Violence News

Press Release
HRC 35: Annual Full-Day Discussion on the Human Rights of Women – Morning Panel
Jun 13, 2017 | U.S. Delegation to the UN Human Rights Council
“Voices Against Violence: The Gender Based Violence Initiative” is a public-private partnership of the Department of State’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor and the Secretary’s Office on Global Women’s Issues. The program provides training on how to engage men and boys in combating gender-based violence; engages men to be advocates for gender equality; and aims to change perceptions of harmful gender norms. ...Read More
Press Release
Interactive Dialogue with Special Rapporteurs on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers and on Violence Against Women
Jun 12, 2017 | U.S. Delegation to the UN Human Rights Council
The U.S. remains concerned about the ongoing detention and arrests of lawyers, rights activists, and their colleagues around the world. In many cases, detainees have not been granted access to legal counsel. ...Read More
Press Release
Panel Discussion on Unaccompanied Migrant Children and Adolescents and Human Rights
Jun 9, 2017 | U.S. Delegation to the UN Human Rights Council

As delivered by Kathryn Keeley

Thank you for organizing this timely and important panel. The United States views the upcoming UN negotiation of the global migration compact as an opportunity to develop practical voluntary commitments to facilitate safe, orderly, and regular migration and to improve assistance to migrants in vulnerable situations, including unaccompanied migrant children and adolescents, who are at greater risk of becoming victims of human trafficking.

Unaccompanied migrant children and ...Read More

Press Release
Interactive Dialogue with the Working Group on Discrimination Against Women in Law and Practice
Jun 8, 2017 | U.S. Delegation to the UN Human Rights Council

As Delivered by Michele Roulbet

Thank you Mr. Vice President. The United States thanks the Working Group for its work and the presentation. The Working Group’s report on good practices emphasizes that laws are essential in addressing discrimination against women. But they need to be accompanied by sustained implementation efforts, robust civil society advocacy, gender-sensitive discrimination education, and attitudinal and behavioral change to result in real improvements. Even quotas and other temporary measures meant to ...Read More

U.S. Efforts to Promote Women, Peace, and Security in Peacekeeping
May 8, 2017 | DipNote Bloggers

Women are pivotal in ending conflicts and promoting sustainable peace and security.  Because women and men experience conflict differently and understand peace differently, both need to be involved in peace and security efforts.  Recognizing the significant impact of conflict on women and the important role that they play in peace operations, the United States is committed to promoting women, peace, and security objectives through our Global Peace Operations Initiative (GPOI).

The integration of a ...Read More

UPR 27th Session-Intervention for India
May 4, 2017 | U.S. Delegation to the UN Human Rights Council

As delivered by Sheila Leonard

Thank you Mr. Vice President.

The United States welcomes the Indian delegation.

We commend the government for its democratic traditions, confronting human rights challenges, and its steps to combat trafficking in persons.

We applaud the Supreme Court’s 2016 decision against impunity under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, however police and security force abuses persist. We urge ratification of the Convention Against Torture.

Despite legal protections, discrimination and societal violence ...Read More

International Women's Day
Mar 8, 2017 | Acting State Department Spokesperson, Mark C. Toner
From human rights to human security, women make the world a better place. We celebrate this today and look forward to recognizing a number of incredible women in person later this month. On March 29th, we will have the honor of presenting the 2017 International Women of Courage Awards. To date, this award has recognized nearly 100 women who have contributed to global stability, peace, and prosperity, often in the face of incredible adversity. ...Read More
USUN Opposing a UN General Assembly Amendment to Delay the Mandate of the UN Independent Expert on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Dec 19, 2016 | U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Samantha Power
The U.S. also believes that the resolution creating the Independent Expert to address violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is well-merited by the facts on the ground. For who here today would argue that LGBTI people are treated equally around their world, or that they are not subject to violence and discrimination? Nobody can argue that on the basis of the facts. This is a world we live in which, according to a report issued in 2015 by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, “the overall picture remains one of continuing, pervasive, violent abuse, harassment, and discrimination affecting LGBT and intersex persons in all regions…often perpetrated with impunity.” ...Read More
Press Release
Readout of Vice President Biden’s Meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada
Dec 12, 2016 | Office of the Vice President

The Vice President met today with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Ottawa, where they discussed the importance of maintaining and expanding the world's most comprehensive trade relationship. The two leaders underscored the breadth and depth of bilateral cooperation on a range of global issues, including their commitment to NATO, the counter-ISIL campaign, supporting Ukraine, and combating global climate change. The Prime Minister highlighted his initiatives to improve the welfare of Canada's First Nations and praised ...Read More

USUN Remarks at a UN Security Council Open Arria-Formula Meeting on Women, Peace and Security
Dec 5, 2016 | U.S. Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Michele Sison

Thank you, Mr. Glemarec, Ms. Patten, and Ms. Cabrera-Balleza, for your briefings today; and of course, thank you also Ambassador Rosselli for bringing us together this morning on such an important issue as Women, Peace and Security.

In 1979, the authors of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women, CEDAW, recognized a truth that is at the core of the Women, Peace and Security agenda – that truth is that ...Read More

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