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7 images of Az-Zabadani... Az-Zabadani, Syria - Update    Posted on April 2, 2012 Syrian government security forces have conducted operations in Az-Zabadani since the start of pro-democracy protests last year,... Read More

Johnnie Carson: Statement on the Situation in Cote d'Ivoire

MR. TONER: Good afternoon, everyone. Well, we thought it was – would be useful to invite our Assistant Secretary for African Affairs Johnnie Carson to come and give you all... Read More

Princeton Lyman: Remarks From the New Special Envoy for Sudan

AMBASSADOR LYMAN: Madam Secretary, thank you so very, very much. The support that President Obama and Secretary Clinton have given to this process has been extraordinary and sustained, and with... Read More

Tommy Vietor: Statement on Strategy 31 Protests in Russia

The United States is concerned by reports of the detention on March 31 of many Russian citizens who were participating in peaceful rallies throughout Russia to demonstrate their support for... Read More

Secretary Clinton: Announcing the New Special Envoy to Sudan

SECRETARY CLINTON: Good afternoon, everyone. I’m very pleased to be here this afternoon to introduce Ambassador Princeton Lyman as our new special envoy for Sudan. I’m also delighted to welcome... Read More

Mark Toner: The United Nations Human Rights Council

The United States is pleased to note the landmark achievements of the most recent session of the UN Human Rights Council. This session included bold, assertive action by the Council... Read More

Fact Sheet: Key U.S. Accomplishments at the UN Human Rights Council

This September will mark the two-year anniversary of U.S. membership on the United Nations Human Rights Council. U.S. engagement at the Council has led to a number of new mechanisms... Read More

Secretary Clinton: Remarks After Meeting With Columbia Vice President Angelino Garzon

SECRETARY CLINTON: Good morning. I am very pleased to be here with Vice President Garzon of Colombia on his first visit to Washington as vice president. Before discussing the important... Read More

Secretary Clinton: After the International Conference on the Libyan Crisis

SECRETARY CLINTON: All set? I apologize for my voice. Good afternoon and I want to begin by expressing certainly our gratitude to the prime minister and the foreign secretary and... Read More

Secretary Clinton: At the International Conference on Libya

Thank you very much, Prime Minister, and thanks to you and your government for the critical leadership effort you have demonstrated in our common effort. Thanks too to France, which... Read More

Statement by the Press Secretary on the President's Videoconference with President Sarkozy, Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Cameron

President Obama spoke by videoconference this afternoon with President Sarkozy, Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Cameron as part of his regular consultations with European allies.  They had a broad strategic... Read More

Secretary Solis: Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire

Today, as part of Women's History Month and in commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, Valerie Jarrett and I welcomed four remarkable women organizers to the... Read More

Secretary Clinton: Women Senators’ Resolution Calling for Renewed Focus on Women’s Rights in North Africa and the Middle East

I thank Senator Snowe and all the women Senators for shining a spotlight on the critical role women continue to play in the dramatic events sweeping North Africa and the... Read More

Secretary Clinton & Gates: With Jake Tapper of ABC’s This Week

QUESTION: And joining me now in their first interview since the attacks on Libya began, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Madam and Mr. Secretary, thanks... Read More

"Secretary Clinton: With Bob Schieffer of CBS’s Face the Nation

QUESTION: Good morning again. And we are joined in the studio by the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense. Madam Secretary, let me start with you. Tens of... Read More

Senior Administration Official on the North Atlantic Council's Meeting on Libya

Special Briefing Senior Administration Official Via Teleconference OPERATOR: Thank you all for standing by. Welcome to our conference. At this time, your lines have been placed on listen-only for today’s... Read More

President Obama: Weekly Address Says the Mission in Libya is Succeeding

WASHINGTON – In his weekly address, President Obama told the American people that the military mission in Libya is succeeding even as responsibility is transferred to our NATO allies and... Read More

Mark Toner: African Union Meeting on the Situation in Libya

The United States commends the African Union for convening a meeting of the international community in Addis Ababa yesterday to discuss the situation in Libya. The African Union has an... Read More

President Obama’s Message to the People of Cote d’Ivoire

“The eyes of the world are on Cote d’Ivoire. Last year’s election was free and fair and President Alassane Ouattara is the democratically elected leader of the nation.” President Obama’s... Read More

Remembering Yesterday’s Workers, Protecting Workers Today

On March 25, 100 years ago, a fire started in a rag bin at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in the garment district of Manhattan. The fire swept through the eighth,... Read More


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