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    Secretary Kerry's Remarks at the U.S.-Egypt Strategic Dialogue

    Egypt has long played a pivotal role in the region and in world affairs, and we have great confidence, I assure you, that that’s part of the foundation on which we will build the future. We have confidence in Egypt, and it’s important to be beginning to rebuild elements of our relationship based on this Strategic Dialogue.

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    The United States Assumes the Presidency of the Community of Democracies

    On July 22, the 27-member Governing Council of the Community of Democracies (CD) unanimously endorsed the United States to serve as president of the CD for the 2015-2017 term. The United States welcomes the opportunity to lead this important organization, which was co-founded fifteen years ago by former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright as a vehicle for strengthening democratic norms and institutions around the world.

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    Remarks by President Obama to the People of Africa

    Dignity -- that basic idea that by virtue of our common humanity, no matter where we come from, or what we look like, we are all born equal, touched by the grace of God. (Applause.) Every person has worth. Every person matters. Every person deserves to be treated with decency and respect. Throughout much of history, mankind did not see this. Dignity was seen as a virtue reserved to those of rank and privilege, kings and elders. It took a revolution of the spirit, over many centuries, to open our eyes to the dignity of every person. And around the world, generations have struggled to put this idea into practice in laws and in institutions.

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    Assistant Secretary Malinowski's Remarks at the 8th Ministerial Meeting of the Community of Democracies

    Fifteen years ago this summer, the participating countries of the Community of Democracies signed the Warsaw Declaration, vowing to “respect and uphold core democratic principles and practices.” Only fifteen years ago, and yet a very different moment from our own in the history of democracy. The Berlin Wall had been down for a decade; the Cold War definitively over; many countries in Central and Eastern Europe swiftly democratizing. There was reason to believe that the 21st century really would see the establishment of a new democratic world order.

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Press Conference
Press Availability with Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Hassan Shoukry
Aug 2, 2015 | Secretary of State John Kerry


Assalamu alaikum. It’s a great privilege for me to be here, and I’m very pleased to be back in Cairo. And I want to thank President al-Sisi and Foreign Minister Shoukry for their very warm welcome and, most importantly, for the quality of the discussion that we had today and also for the tremendous work that the Egyptian Government has done in creating the combined agenda of both security and the economic front as well as all the other issues that were on the table for a very frank, very candid discussion. ...Read More
Press Release
Joint Statement on the U.S.-Egypt Strategic Dialogue
Aug 2, 2015 | Office of the Spokesperson


Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry hosted United States Secretary of State John Kerry in Cairo on August 2, 2015 for the inaugural round of the Egypt-U.S. Strategic Dialogue at the ministerial level, based on the shared belief that it is necessary to deepen the Egypt-U.S. bilateral relationship to advance our shared interest after almost four decades of close partnership and cooperation. This belief reflects the importance of the two countries’ regional and international roles and the need to develop collective solutions to a wide range of complex issues. ...Read More
Beyond the Exchange: How Youth are Shaping the Continent’s Future through the President’s Young African Leaders Initiative
Aug 1, 2015 | Program Manager for YALI at USAID, Morgan McClain-McKinney


The President's Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) launched in 2010 by President Obama is a signature effort to invest in young African leaders to spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace and security across Africa. ...Read More
The Future of Asia, Through the Lens of Women and Girls
Jul 31, 2015 | Ambassador-at-Large for Global Women's Issues, Catherine Russell


I just finished a trip to the Republic of Korea, Vietnam, and Laos with Dr. Jill Biden, the second lady of the United States. In each country, we found a unique perspective on what the future of Asia might be and saw first-hand how empowering girls and women will be critical to determining that future. ...Read More
Remarks at the Intergovernmental Negotiations on the Post-2015 Development Agenda
Jul 31, 2015 | U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambasssador Samantha Power


Let me begin by thanking the delegations from all the Member States who have invested a superhuman amount of time and effort working toward an agenda that is worthy of such an ambitious and critical life-saving global undertaking. The agenda that you all are defining here will provide a blueprint for the international community’s actions for years to come. And it is an unprecedented opportunity – and I know I personally feel very privileged to have been part of this process with my team. ...Read More

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