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  • Secretary Kerry at the 28th Session of the Human Rights Council

    Secretary Kerry at the 28th Session of the Human Rights Council

    President Obama and I support the HRC for a simple reason: We believe in its mission and its possibilities. We know that at best this council can be a valuable means for reminding every nation of its commitments and obligations and holding countries accountable when they fail to meet international standards. It can help countries to respond successfully to respond to domestic human rights challenges, as we’ve seen firsthand in Cote d’Ivoire and elsewhere, and advance global norms like LGBT rights. It provides a means for self-evaluation on the part of individual nations, including through the universal periodic review process. And we have seen this type of self-examination and engagement with the international community actually produce real process on the ground.

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  • Secretary Kerry Welcomes Randy Berry, the First-Ever Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBT Persons

    Secretary Kerry Welcomes Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBT Persons Randy Berry

    So here today we’re underscoring a very important message. The United States of America remains unwavering in our commitment to advance the human rights of all human beings, and that includes LGBT persons prominently, appropriately, equal to everybody else here at home and around the world.

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  • Assistant Secretary Malinowski at MERI talking about democracy and inclusion

    Seizing the Post-ISIL Opportunity for Democracy and Inclusion

    This is a time when people are threatened, so it's a time for patriotism. It's a time for coming together, it's not necessarily a time for open and critical debate about what the government is doing. But I would ask you to consider that this is perhaps particularly the time when one needs those institutions of openness and democracy and tolerance of different opinions to be strong.

    We don't need limits on free expression to fight Daeesh; that should be clear. On the contrary, in every part of the world, in every part of Iraq, it is precisely civil society, it is people who challenge authority and dogmatic ways of thinking, people who work together across lines of religion and party and ethnicity to solve problems, who are in the best defense against extremism.

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