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    Secretary Kerry at the Action Ministerial on Gender-Based Violence in Humanitarian Emergencies

    This is not a sideline issue from my point of view at all, not when close to a majority of the world’s population is as affected as it is by choices that are made in various parts of the world. Preventing and dealing with the effects of gender-based violence is a fundamental moral issue; it’s a basic question of right vs. wrong. But it’s also about our collective security, so people who don’t get motivated by the moral issue or a sense of right and wrong at least hopefully can be motivated by some pretty practical choices, and when security – I mean, we have learned in painful and searing ways that gender-based violence can rip families apart, rip communities apart, and attack state structures. And too often, in too many countries, it perpetuates conflict and creates instability for generations.

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    Statement on the Conclusion of the #FreeThe20 Campaign

    Today, as I lead the U.S. delegation marking the 20th anniversary of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, there is much cause for hope. The progress made on women’s rights over the past two decades is striking: from the achievement of near gender parity in primary education, to the halving of extreme poverty and the doubling of the percentage of female national parliamentarians. Today, assembled world leaders recommit to women’s empowerment and their full and equal participation in all spheres of society. President Obama just announced the concrete steps the Administration has been taking to further advance the fundamental rights of women and girls on this milestone anniversary of the Beijing Conference.

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    Day 20: Rasha Chorbaji, Syria #FreeThe20

    Today we highlight the 20th woman in #FreeThe20: Rasha Chorbaji was arrested in 2014 because of her husband's opposition to the regime during the revolution. Chorbaji was arrested along with three of her children when she attempted to obtain a passport. Before she was thrown in jail, she was held incommunicado even though she was seven months pregnant and suffering from health problems. The Syrian government took her children away from her and placed them in an orphanage. She is unjustly imprisoned and should be freed. We call on the government of Syria to release her.

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