NSC Spokesperson on the All-Party Talks in Northern Ireland

The White House

We are disappointed that Northern Ireland’s political leaders did not conclude an agreement today.

We commend the work of the independent chair and his team. Through months of consultations with civil society and the political parties — undertaken at the request of the Northern Ireland Executive — Richard Haass and his team have done a remarkable job.

We believe that the draft text produced through the All-Party process represents real progress and makes a valuable contribution. We urge Northern Ireland’s political leaders to continue to work together to build on this progress, including implementing the proposals where consensus already exists and as it emerges in all three areas: parades, flags and emblems, and contending with the legacy of the past. Engaging in a sustained dialogue with civil society can help the parties find a sustainable path forward to overcome sectarian divisions.

The United States has always stood with the people and institutions of Northern Ireland and will continue to do so.

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