The Community of Democracies: Vilnius, Lithuania

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Community of Democracies, Vilnius 2011

Community of Democracies, Vilnius 2011

Community of Democracies

The Community of Democracies (CD) is a global intergovernmental coalition of democratic countries, with the goal of strengthening democratic norms and institutions around the world. The organization was founded in 2000 during a Ministerial Conference in Warsaw, Poland. The conference was the idea and initiative of the then Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prof. Bronisław Geremek, and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.


“On July 1, the Sixth Ministerial Meeting of the Community of Democracies will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The conference will focus on strengthening of the Community of Democracies and enhancing its activities. Special attention will be given to emerging democracies and civil society’s involvement in governance. At the conference, which is expected to be attended by about 900 participants, Lithuania will officially hand over the two-year presidency of the Community of Democracies to Mongolia.”

Youth Forum: “Young Leaders in Support for Democracy: Challenges and Possibilities”
“In cooperation with the Lithuanian Presidency of the Community of Democracies, the Young Leaders Forum–in partnership with the Institute of Democratic Politics, the Atlantic Council of the United States, and the World Youth Movement for Democracy–will convene a group of leading young activists, democracy practitioners, and diplomats from around the world to discuss their experiences supporting democracy, share best practices, and propose recommendations for how the Community of Democracies can strengthen youth engagement in support of democracy. Over the course of two days (June 29-30, 2011), young activists will take part in a special series of thematic panels focused on democratic trends around the world, as well as workshops on new generation democracy tactics.”

TechCamp Vilnius, Lithuania – June 29-30, 2011
“TechCamp is a program under Secretary Clinton’s Civil Society (CS) 2.0 initiative – an effort to galvanize the technology community to assist Civil Society organizations across the globe by providing capabilities, resources and assistance to enable them to harness the latest information and communications technology (ICT) advances to build their digital capacity. TechCamp Vilnius is taking place at the Raddison Hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania, on June 29-30 in association with the Community of Democracies Ministerial Conference.”

“As a new wave of democratization spreads across the Middle East, the Community of Democracies (CD) is refocusing its efforts on supporting successful transitions to democracy. As part of that commitment, the Community is launching a new initiative – the Democracy Partnership Challenge – to encourage reform in countries emerging from authoritarian rule. The CD enjoys strong backing from countries that have come through democratic transitions and many of these states are looking to assist other nascent democracies. The Democracy Partnership Challenge creates a “race to the top” so that the CD and its members can encourage progress in countries that are committed to successful transitions and leverage their investments across the entire category of emerging democracies.”


Partnering in Support of Democracy is an on-line communication tool to track activities undertaken to support democratic transformation in Tunisia by governments, international organizations, and NGOs. It is managed by the Permanent Secretariat of the Community of Democracies as part of its mission to support democratic transition and consolidation worldwide The platform facilitates coordination and exchange of information and oversight by the international community, Tunisian government, and civil society organizations.”

For more information on the Community of Democracies and Civil Society, visit the Senior Advisor to the Secretary for Civil Society and Emerging Democracies.

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